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Youth Wing Committee

Bunts Sangha Bangalore – Youth Wing Committee is one of the active sub-committees within Bunts Sangha Bangalore. 2018-2020 Youth Wing Committee was formed on 24th Aug 2018 and is currently chaired by Dr. Umanath Shetty Y with Ajith Shetty Korangrapady as Convenor. Youth Wing comprises of young bunts from all over Bangalore within the age group of 18-35 years.
Vision 2018-2020:  Bunts Sangha Bangalore – Youth Wing Committee 2018-2020 is majorly focused on Community Service Activities during its tenure and with young bunt samaritans in the team, we have already accomplished 2 community activities with 1 month of formation of the committee.

Swaccha Barath Abhiyana held on 21.10.2018

Blood Donation drive: Committee conducted Blood Donation camp in association with ESI Blood Bank on 26th Aug 2018 at Asha Prakash Shetty Bhavan-Mini Hall at Bunts Sangha, Vijayanagar. We have witnessed a good turnaround of 83 donors out of which 62 of them  donated blood. The Blood Donation camp has also helped us in creating a donor database for any future requirements.
Kodagu Relief Fund/Activity: 

Youth Wing under the guidance of R. Upendra Shetty (President - Bunts Sangha Bangalore) and leadership of Dr. Umanath Shetty Y (Chairman – Youth Wing); made a small effort in rehabilitation of highly effected bunt families in Kodagu. Youth Wing along with other Executive Committees, Bunts Sangha Office Bearers  contributed for this relief fund. With the help of Youth Wing Committee members from Kodagu/Madikeri area and their network, we were able to identify 9 bunt families who lost their loved ones, homes, properties, agricultural lands etc. On 13-Sep-2018, during the Ganesh Chathurthi celebrations at Radhabhai Thimmappa Bhandry Auditorium; relief fund of Rs. 50,000/- was handed over to each family. This may be a small assistance to re-build on their losses.

Upcoming Event:  
Team Building Activity/One Day Outing: Youth Wing is organizing one day outing/team building activity at Bunts Sangha land at Yalachaguppe, Bangalore on 23-Sep-2018. Events planned include introductions, group activities, talent shows, discussions on Vision 2018-2020 followed by lunch. Please contact us through email or phone (numbers given below) for more information.
Youth Wing 2018-2020 has a vision of more community oriented activities in coming days. We would also need as many youth bunts in our team to make our vision successful. Please reach out to or contact Ajith Shetty Korangrapady - 9916135022 for any enquiries or registrations.


Dr. Umanath Shetty Y 9008834950


Ajith Shetty Korangrapady 9916135022


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